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Pilot Wanted

Relevant and classic aircraft for sale online!

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Pilot Wanted is an aviation community and auction platform
Pilot Wanted Auctions are the best way to buy and sell warbirds, classics, projects, business aircraft, parts, memorabilia, and other aircraft types.
Pilot Wanted hosts auctions for aircraft submitted by our community and creates listings that present the aircraft in a story format featuring history, relevance, and refurbishments.  

The team at PWA has years of aviation marketing, and aircraft sales experience. As a result, we know the questions buyers want answered.Pilot Wanted set out to provide a platform that allows sellers to present their aircraft in a way that engages buyers through historical reference and story telling. The site also allows bidders, sellers, and users to interact with each other by way of a comment/review tab in each auction listing. This feature allows sellers to address a user/bidder question or concern, in real time. Pilot Wanted believes that an adequate presentation should contain an aircraft’s history, historical significance of the make and model, airframe, engine and prop logs, photos, and video presentations whenever possible. We believe this information leaves a lasting impression and will allow buyers to bid with confidence. 

Aircraft auctions the way they should be done
Pilot Wanted offers transparency, comprehensive listings, and fairer fees over traditional platforms and brokerage models. We curate aircraft from a range of makes, models, and types. If you have a classic, relevant or interesting aircraft for sale, we’d love to hear about it. Simply, use the “submit aircraft” tab to post your submission.

Aviation Community
Pilot Wanted is not just a marketplace. We are also an aviation community that provides users with an outlet to view, comment and share their knowledge and experiences regarding the aircraft featured within the site. The sharing of information by our users allows buyers to vet each auction listing.

Join Us
if your interested in all things aviation, please feel free to join the Pilot Wanted community. We’d love to hear your perspective and insight. Join us by clicking the “register” tab to set up your account. There is no charge to join and participate.